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We use Gen Z behavioural insights and the power of social change to build a stronger future for 

people + planet + brands

'Thred Media’s social change-focused content and its work highlighting the activism of Gen Z, gives me hope for the future. They’re exactly the kind of media platform the world needs right now.'

Imogen Calderwood, Editorial Director, Global Citizen 




Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.

Thred Media is a social enterprise focused on Publishing, Consulting, Media and Production aimed at Generation Z. We are Gen Z - from our Founder to our editors, journalists, researchers, graphic designers, videographers, and of course, our readers. 


We hope to be a positive and unifying force that will galvanise social spirit by supporting and integrating with Gen Z movements globally.


'We have worked very closely with Thred Media. From social media management, graphic design, and insights reports, to Gen Z creative briefs. They have always been professional, and responsive, and delivered beyond our expectations both on timing and quality.'
Clare McKeeve, CEO, Talenthouse



The central tenet is the 100% social change-focused website In addition to our editors and in-house writers, we have built out a global eco-system of young journalists, activists and entrepreneurs that focus on news and social justice with a refreshingly authentic and transparent 'on the scene' reporting style. Empowering these young activists and writers by giving them a platform to voice Gen Z movements is at the centre of our company.



We provide brands, agencies, organisations, non-profits and governments with behavioural insights that lead to a deeper understanding of Gen Z beliefs, behaviours and consumer trends. We combine our expertise with our far-reaching network of Gen Z experts, influencers, activists, and entrepreneurs, enabling us to deliver the most targeted approach to gaining share-of-mind of this game-changing generation. 


Our goal is to inform, inspire and impact the most amount of like-minded people to take action locally to affect global change at scale. Therefore, our community is at the heart of everything we do, from our website readers to our social media community, to our Change Maker Network of interns, ambassadors, remote writers and discord moderators.


We hope to be a positive unifying force that galvanises social spirit
by supporting and integrating with Gen Z movements globally

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How we are different.

Integrated Structure
We have three pillars
under one roof that triangulate to form Thred Media. Publishing + Consulting  + Community 

Insights & Futurecasting
We publish our findings daily in 17 languages and analyse the beliefs, behaviours & trends of 
Gen Z consumers

Global Reach
200k+ social media followers plus 250k+ monthly website article views from 220+ countries and territories 

Expert Directory
A network of global experts available for insights, panels, interviews and co-creation deep dives with brands

Narrow Focus
We only focus on the topics we live and breathe every day. Gen Z + Social Change + Creator Economy

Media & Change Partners

Partnered with 30+ social organizations, Gen Z led change maker movements and global non-profits

'Thred Media's ability to bring together best-in-class young thought leaders from around the world and create research, insights and actionable ideas is unparalleled. They are completely unique in this aspect.'

Harry Beard,
Founder, Prospect 100




this week at thred...


We interviewed award-winning filmmaker and dedicated animal rights activist Rebecca Cappelli about the far-reaching cultural shift she hopes to bring about in the fashion industry with her latest documentary, Slay. An exclusive article this week on 



'The Metaverse and how it will revolutionize everything' by Matthew Ball. A definitive account of the next iteration of the internet. Check it out here


From the makers of award-winning films Cowspiracy and What The Health, SLAY uncovers the dark side of the fashion industry. An investigation into the animal skins trade unravels a harrowing story of greenwashing, mislabeling, animal cruelty and cover-ups from some of the world's major luxury fashion brands. SLAY provides an in-depth and eye-opening look into the realities of today’s fashion industry while pointing the way towards viable and sustainable alternatives...Free to watch here


TEDx London Podcast, 'Climate Curious' - Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels can solve the cost of living crisis, says Tessa Khan, a human rights lawyer, campaigner, strategist and founder and director of Uplift. Tune in to Climate Curious live from The Conduit in London with our special guest co-host Clover Hogan and our fave Maryam Pasha to join the dots between the climate crisis and the fuel poverty crisis, understand the context of what’s led us to this point, and moving forward, how we can escape fossil fuel dependency. Listen here 

            Accounts to follow this week
 @melatiwijsen @visuallywise @actnow_changenow @4ocean


'Working with Thred Media is always a pleasure. Their extensive Gen Z contact list is full of smart, interesting, and insightful young people who can share specific knowledge and learnings about not just their generation but also a wealth of different sectors.'

Louis Tozer, Senior Behavioural Analyst, Canvas8




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'Use your media to grow awareness. Use your voice to bring attention. Use your privilege to drive purpose.

And use your time on this planet to create positive social change at scale.'

Jenk Oz, Founder Thred Media, TEDx Talk