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We hope to be a positive and unifying force that will galvanise social spirit by supporting and integrating with Gen Z movements globally.

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.

The central tenet is the 100% social change-focused website In addition to our editors and in-house writers, we have built out a global eco-system of young journalists, activists and entrepreneurs that focus on news and social justice with a refreshingly authentic and transparent 'on the scene' reporting style. Empowering these young activists and writers by giving them a platform to voice Gen Z movements is at the centre of our company.

By the way, there are no traditional ads on our website to detract from your user experience. That's right, no pop-ups or side box distractions. 

Apply to become a full-time in-house writer or globally stationed remote writer here

'Thred Media is not only a place to come to learn about topics that are important to Gen Z, it empowers leaders like myself to want to get up and get loud. The organisation is led by incredible Gen Z warriors who understand what is needed to create actual change in their own communities.'

Brian Femminella, CEO, SoundMind




Online news and education.
Offline actionable initiatives.

The content on the website is updated daily and covers the spectrum from online education to offline activism. Our online content includes news, insights, explainer articles, opinion pieces, change maker interviews, petitions, fundraising and grant opportunities. Our offline actionable initiatives include field projects, protests, volunteering, leading social change organisations and pushing for ‘social change’ policy advocacy at all government levels.

Global Citizen are one of the largest social change platforms in the world. They focus on defeating poverty, demanding equity and defending the planet. We are one of only seven global media partners and proudly include their petitions for change in our Thred articles by using a bespoke iFrame that allows you to sign a petition directly inside the article and then keep reading.


'Thred Media has been amazing to work with as they are the only reliable Gen Z media outlet I can trust with the latest news, insights and informative educational pieces, which gives the platform an automatic advantage in the

Gen Z space.'

Zack Ahmed, IRL App Growth Lead



89% of Gen Z live in emerging
or developing countries.

The site is available in 17 languages and the website articles are read 250,000+ times per month by young people from 220+ countries & territories. Countries in our top ten readership locations include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India but we are always pleasantly surprised and incredibly proud to welcome readers from Nepal, Somalia, Fiji, Gabon, Palau and French Guiana.


Our articles are also available on Flipboard, Medium, and Apple News and coming soon to Google News. We also publish 2 newsletters a week - one from the website and one from LinkedIn.


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'Thred Media's ability to bring together best-in-class young thought leaders from around the world and create research, insights and actionable ideas is unparalleled. They are completely unique in this aspect.'

Harry Beard,
Founder, Prospect 100

generation z

44% of the 2.5 billion Gen Z live
in just five countries.

We are Gen Z - from our Founder to our editors, journalists, researchers, graphic designers, videographers, consultants and of course, our readers. 

Our global community of activists, entrepreneurs and key opinion & cultural leaders contribute to our articles on a daily basis. They offer their experience and learned insights alongside theirlocal knowledge, this allows us to shape our articles in the most authentic and genuine way.




'If someone says our generation is sensitive and can't get anything done, show them this website.

We are getting it done,

day in and day out.' 

Jay Borja, Philippines,

Thred Amabssador

Exclusive Interviews
We shine a light on the ideas, projects and impact that young change-makers from around the world are having through our Exclusive Interview series. Thred editors and senior writers meet live with each person featured in order to deep dive into all facets of their extraordinary journeys. This allows us the opportunity to truly bring their stories to light. Read here

Thred 100
The Thred 100 is our curated list of Gen Z’s top 100 activists, entrepreneurs, musicians, designers, companies, organisations and movements that are embracing and influencing youth culture and driving social change. They’re the rule breakers, game changers and positive disruptors of our day. ​We update the list constantly – keeping tabs not only on the big names but shining light on inspirational up-and-comers. Each entry is in no particular order because they’re all so incredible in their ow
n right. Read here

Inspo of the Week
Each week we highlight the people and organisations driving forward social change projects globally. Our goal is to share their names, project ideas and how to connect with them to build awareness and bring about change at scale.

365 Change Makers
On the opening day of COP26, November 1st, 2022, we decided to initiate a new feature called '365 Change Makers'. We are using our media platforms to feature a new global change maker every day for a year. Our goal is to share a diverse selection of incredibly dedicated young people from all corners of the world, and show the inspirational work they do day in and day out.

The Career Coach
Meet our very own Career Coach, Dan Kiernan. Dan is currently the Career Advisor at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where he focuses on impact careers (perfect) and he has recently been selected as a ‘Top Voice for Jobs and Careers’ by LinkedIn. Whether you need help writing a winning CV to score your dream green job or advice on how to find a career that has purpose, Dan is here to answer your questions and guide you through your chosen path.


Don’t hesitate, hit Dan up by emailing and start taking charge of your career. In the meantime, check out a variety of career-building articles and videos to get you started. Read here




‘We have a strong, trusted working relationship with Thred because they’re fast, highly creative and a constant source of new ideas for all things youth culture, social change and Gen Z trends.’

Reid Litman, Ogilvy
Global Consulting Director

We have been very fortunate to co-author research reports with brands, agencies, research houses and organizations that support our Gen Z insights. We hope to build more global research partnerships that allow us to inspire and impact youth-led communities around the world. 


Ogilvy x Thred Media
For Gen Z- Brand is what you share, not what you sell- Part 1

'Embracing Co-Creation At All Levels: A Gen Z Growth Playbook'



Ogilvy x Thred Media
For Gen Z- Brand is what you share, not what you sell- Part 2
'Putting Community Building Into Practice'


Canvas8 x Thred Media

'Generation Z Snapshot - Trends Report'

BeFunky-collage - 2022-11-17T100740.185.jpg

Talenthouse report featuring Thred Media

'Talenthouse & EyeEm Visual Trends Report 2023'

Gen Z & Social Change - 'Thred Media Our Beacon of Hope'

BeFunky-collage - 2023-02-05T172453_edited.jpg

Canvas8  x Thred Media

'Who are Zillenials?', Research Report

BeFunky-collage - 2023-03-27T144241.139.jpg


Canvas8 x Thred Media
'What's driving Gen Z's stick shift renaissance?'

BeFunky-collage - 2023-04-17T150548.592.jpg

Stylus  x Thred Media

' The New News Media' - Research Report

awards (6).jpg

We have been very lucky to have our research insights included in publications authored by brands, agencies, research houses and organisations. 


For Gen Z, Brand Is what you share, not what you sell, Ogilvy - See above

Gen Z, Putting Community Building Into Practice, Ogilvy -  See above

Generational Snapshot of Gen Z, Canvas8 - See above

The New News Media, Stylus - See above

What's driving Gen Z stick shift renaissance? - See above

Who are Zillenials, Canvas8? - See above

Talenthouse Visual Trends Report 2023  See above
Opt-In Opt-Out, Expert Outlook  2022 Canvas8 Read

Youth-Led Agenda For Responsible Tech, Artefact & Omidyar Network Read
Gen Z & Entertainment, Vivendi

Who is Gen Z, Engage Youth Company Agency

The Gen Z Frequency, Gregg Witt & Derek Baird, Kogan Books


'In times of change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned will find
themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.'

Eric Hoffer, Philosopher

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