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Gen Z wants to be involved in the ideation and curation of purpose-led participatory moments with the people and brands they care about most.

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.

Sometimes it takes one to know one. That’s why the whole Thred team, from consultants to writers, editors to ambassadors, are all Gen Z.  No other team can bring you our level of immersive insight into the beliefs, behaviours and consumer habits of young people today. To keep up to date with the latest trends in youth culture and social change, cut out the middleman and get your information at the source by reading our daily insights and start working with Thred Media today.

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'It's important to engage in all aspects of development as early and as often as
we can. Our Gen Z council was one of those ways, it’s highly qualitative and it
feels very different from the type of research we normally do. It was far less
about getting to like a singular product solution and far more about using the
ideas to more deeply connect and understand their needs and behaviours.'

Erin Muntzert, Google Research Lead Innovation & Strategy, March 2022

Jenk Oz, Founder Thred Media, Member of Google Gen Z Council

We feel very fortunate to be working with several world-class corporations, brands, and research organisations in addition to consulting & and advertising agencies. Our goal is to help everyone better understand, connect and co-create alongside Gen Z.


Gen Z consumers want to be involved in the ideation, development and curation of purpose-led participatory moments with the people and brands they care about most. We want to help make that happen. 

'Jenk and the Thred team have been amazing partners for Google by helping us bring youth insights to our team. We have appreciated all he has done to help us more deeply understand Gen Z.'

Erin Muntzert, Google Research Lead Innovation & Strategy

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briefs &  


‘Thred has repeatedly given us access to a diverse and engaged audience of young people. Their readers, subscribers, and community members are keenly interested in social change, which makes them an incredibly valuable resource for any forward-thinking client brief.’

Reid Litman,
Global Consulting Director, Ogilvy

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Executive Summary.
Consulting Services.


Research & Insights
Co-Creation Collectives
Insights & Research Reports

Surveys & Analysis Reports

Speaker Series & Panels

Gen Z & Social Change Workshops

Gen Z In-Depth Interviews

App Beta Testing & Product Reviews


Community Engagement
Managed Content Creation

Social Community Management

Experiential Event Activation

Influencer Marketing Programs

Brand Collaboration Campaigns 

Earned and Paid Media


Strategy Session
360 Brand Activation

Branding & Comms Strategy

Purpose Led Positioning

Social Change Programs

Social Media Strategy

Digital Campfire Strategy

Targeted Media Planning


Wearable Culture
Design Strategy Brief

Change Themed Designs

Designer Selection Process

Planning & Production

Merch Media Campaign

Merch Event Activation


Creative Zone
Campaign Ideation & Execution

Creative Partnerships

Copy, Articles & Advertorials

Graphic Designs

Visual Identity & Logos

Video Prod, GIFs, VR, 3D, Filters

Doodle Art & Animation

Change Maker Directory

Global Network Access

Boards & Councils

Expert Speakers & Panelists

1-2-1 Consulting Interviews

TV & Press Interviews

Industry & Sector Quotes 

'Healthy Food Healthy Planet needed a brand identity, appealing for a multi-cultural and intergenerational membership and membership. As a Pan-European movement working on a system change in the food system, the brand needed to ooze diversity, movement and planetary & and human health. Quite a complex assignment, which the team took on with passion, integrity and humility and the co-created end result exceeded our expectations!'

Marinke van Riet, Director Healthy Food Healthy Planet

Deep Dive Descriptions.
Consulting Services.


Research & Insights - The Think Tank.

At its core, the Think Tank is a collection of services aimed at giving you up-to-date insights and access to Gen Zers from across the spectrum of social change-led movements, young entrepreneurship, accredited journalists and the expanding creator economy. Stretch the boundaries of what you thought you knew about our generation and gain an authentic and immersive insight into our beliefs, behaviours, ambitions and consumer habits. Given we represent 40% of global consumers, it may result in a strategic rethink across all areas of your organisation.


Highlight - Co-Creation Ladders and Sharing Collectives
See our two new research pieces co-authored with Ogilvy Consulting, NYC entitled 'Embracing co-creation at all levels:  A Gen Z growth playbook'. For Gen Z, brand is what you share, not what you sell. Once you have considered which type(s) of community-building strategies feel most applicable to your brand and consumers, you can then decide which aspects of your brand to begin sharing. As you advance your brand-building community strategy, you'll find that you will have developed connections with a diverse group of interested consumers who want to get more involved with their favourite brand and are hugely invested in your success. We have identified fifteen key areas, known as the co-creation ladder, where sharing with Gen Z is encouraged. Involving them in these elements of your business will allow youth to place themselves at the centre of your brand and feel ownership in its growth and development. 

'In an era of fake news and the filter bubble, Gen Z is more likely to be able to push through the noise. Not only are they able to consume more information than any group before, but they have also become accustomed to cutting through it. They
are perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group
around and will call out any behaviour they dislike on social media.
Little wonder brands are quaking in their boots.'

Lucie Greene, author Silicon States


Strategy Session - The Game Plan.
Game Plan is where we put our heads together in a collaborative effort to co-develop in-depth strategies and a long-term, purpose & mission-driven cultural shift. From advising on social responsibility to helping you build a launch strategy, we are here to help shape and implement your operating system. It all starts right here with a well-thought-out blueprint.

Highlight - Purpose Led Positioning

Younger consumers do not differentiate the ethics of a brand from its web of partners, agents or suppliers, or the holding company that owns it. Brands need to enter the social justice and sustainability conversation from a place of focus and specific contribution. In a world of transparency and instantaneous information, separating greenwashing from genuine action has become easy; a brand’s purpose should pervade and guide the entire stakeholder ecosystem, ensuring all parties across the value chain are aligned. Gen Z expects you to move beyond a written purpose statement and toward measured impact that moves outward from the brand’s core. Importantly, the goal is not to have a ‘politically correct’ position across a range of topics or to join conversations around trending issues. Instead, a brand must choose definitive causes linked to its purpose and have something concise to contribute to those issues. 


Creative Zone - Lift Off.
At its core, Thred is made up of creatives everywhere you look. Writers, editors, videographers, graphic designers, social media content creators, and consultants that create all day long - we are a ready-made team here to help clients produce the very content that engages Gen Z across every type of platform. 

Highlight - Copy, Article & Advertorial Writing

Writing is at the heart of Thred. It's what we've done since day one. Our team of writers and journalists know exactly what makes Gen Z tick. We have the ability to understand new trends and write engagingly on a variety of topics, that is what makes us unique. Consider asking Gen Zers who write for a living to collaborate on articles for your company. In addition to high-quality journalistic content to promote your company, brand or product, these articles can be pinned to high-profile areas of your website (or ours) to maximise reads. They may also be accompanied by social media content to enhance the number of people they will reach.


Engagement - Turbo Charge.

Now, it’s time to put it all into action. Launch your company or product into the forefront of youth culture by utilising Thred’s extensive resources. Our network is tailor-made to cultivate awareness and build engagement. Working with our influencers, talking to our campaign strategists and creating bespoke launch events are the final steps in making sure your vision receives the attention it deserves and the awareness it needs to succeed.

Highlight - Strategic Social Outreach
Here at Thred, the work of our in-house team is just the beginning. Our most impressive and unique feature is the far-reaching network of influencers, activists and entrepreneurs we have at our fingertips. We call this Influencer Activation and its' powered by our Change Maker Directory- CMD. Harness the power they have on social media and use it to share your content in the feeds of an engaged and loyal following. Think sponsored posts, endorsements and original, co-created content with a lot of passion and purpose.


Wearable Culture.

Alongside our network of Gen Z influencers, activists and entrepreneurs, we've also got some pretty exciting up-and-coming designers on our roster. They're ready to partner with clients to design youth-oriented, sustainable and purpose-themed products for corporates and brands. Thred connects the perfect designer with your creative vision, manages the design & production process and partners with you in creating bespoke launch campaigns and events to show off your new wearable culture. 

Highlight - Change Themed Designs and Production
Combining innovative and sustainable production practices + social change-themed 'branded' designs + renowned award-winning creatives; now that is a winning formula for wearable culture. How would you like to work with Harry 'Ketniptz' Hambley, Mason Newman Studios, Alexander 'Millinsky' Daillance and many more? Whether you are holding a corporate offsite, launching new products or running competitions, bespoke wearable culture could be the perfect way to drive your messaging well beyond the event. 


Change Maker Network & Directory.

At Thred, we have both a 'Change Maker Network' (CMN) and a 'Change Maker Directory' (CMD). The CMN is an extension of the Thred team, they are a collection of our global Gen Z ambassadors, champions, discord moderators, remote writers and change-makers who are on the ground driving forward social change in their local areas. The CMD is a global directory of expert Gen Z activists, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, musicians and cultural opinion leaders making waves around the world.

Highlight - Participants for Boards, Councils, Panels and Speaking Engagements

See our new research pieces co-authored with Ogilvy Consulting, NYC- 'Embracing co-creation at all levels:  A Gen Z growth playbook'. For Gen Z, brand is what you share, not what you sell. We have identified fifteen key areas where sharing with Gen Z is encouraged. Involving them in these elements of your business will allow youth to place themselves at the centre of your brand and feel ownership in its growth and development as you move towards a mutually defined Northstar. We provide candidates for your consideration for Board Seats, Councils, Focus Groups, Polling Groups, Influencers, Ambassadors, and Media Moderators. Each group can be focused on youth (or mixed gen), projects or products.

'It was great to work with Thred and their in-house design team on creating wearable culture. The design process was made really easy thanks to the talent Thred already has in house, enabling a genuine creative collaboration. I can’t wait to work on more projects together in collaboration with some inspiring activists from all over the world.'
Alexander 'Millinsky' Daillance
Founder & Creative Director Nasa Seasons and Millinsky Designs


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