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We are Gen Z - from our Founder to our editors, journalists, researchers, graphic designers, videographers, and of course, our readers. 

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.


350k+, the number of articles read on per month


17, the number of languages can be read in everyday


221+, the number of countries & territories reaches monthly


45, 12, 10, 5, the percentage of website readers from US, UK, CDN, AU


200k+, the number of followers across social media


57 & 42, % male/female breakdown
40%, 18-24 yrs and  25%, 25-34 yrs

100k, the number of people receiving our weekly newsletter every month


3000+, the number of entrepreneurs & activists, ready to co-create with brands


In order to fund our website costs and our Change Maker Network, we offer a variety of opportunities for companies, organisations and brands to reach and co-create in bespoke ways with our global Gen Z audience via our website and media platforms.


If you are looking to build awareness and shine a light on your new fully sustainable line of products, tell change-minded consumers about your new circular fashion project or you have new software that can empower the creator community and help their career take flight; then Thred Media is for you. 


Oh did we forget to mention...

We have a pretty important rule, we only shine a light on positive social change-led projects. For example, Adidas leather sneaker but Adidas revolutionary water reduction project for textile manufacturing...yes!


ads &


'Thred has been amazing to work with as they are the only reliable Gen Z media outlet I can trust with the latest news, insights and informative educational pieces which gives the platform an automatic advantage in the Gen Z space.'

Zack Ahmed, IRL APP, Growth Lead

Advertorials by Thred Journalists. 

We have no traditional adverts on That's right, no pop-ups or side box distractions that interfere with your user experience. 


However, in order to support our work, we offer four places on our Home Page where we can place a social change-focused, custom advert or advertorial. These spots exist already on the Home Page and therefore, will not be in the form of a pop-up or a distraction to the user experience. They will fit seamlessly, aesthetically and cohesively within the existing framework.

Our in-house team of Gen Z journalists are ready to bring your story to life in a way that gets it heard by the largest consumer base in the world, Gen Z. We want to put your story in front of an audience that truly cares about what you are doing to drive social change. 

Writing, Design & Placement
There are three components to consider when placing an ad/advertorial on Thred Media's website:
1) Advert or
2) Custom artwork or your own artwork?
3) Where you would like it placed on the Home Page of and for how long?


 'We’ve really benefited from Thred’s contributions to our annual Expert Outlook reports and as part of our Spotlight webinars. Thred remains a highly valued member of our expert network.'

Lowri Jones, Senior Network Manager, Canvas8



'Love Our Partners' Sponsorship Program.

Introduce your company or brand to our Gen Z audience by having a coveted spot in our 'Love Our Partners' section that appears on every page of the website. We will also connect your URL to the logo, enabling readers to go directly to your site and learn about your company.

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Your logo can appear in this section for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. We suggest you link the logo back to a section on your website that is of direct interest to young people. You can also include coupons for them, should they wish to purchase items from you.




'Thred Media is not only a place to come to learn about topics that are important to Gen Z, it empowers leaders like myself to want to get up and get loud. The organisation is lead by incredible Gen Z warriors who understand what is needed to create actual change in their own communities.'

Brian Femminella, CEO, SoundMind

We publish two newsletters a week, one from the website and one from LinkedIn. If you would like your company, brand or product to be included in an advertorial or sponsor the newsletter, please let us know. We would be happy to include you provided the focus is positive social change. Below are two partial examples of our newsletters. Sign Up Here 


Thred Website Newsletter
This newsletter is sent out once a week on Wednesdays. It showcases the best articles from the past seven days plus it highlights social change opportunities, grants, internships, and petitions.
Website newsletter, sign up here


LinkedIn Newsletter

This newsletter is sent out once a week on Thursdays. It showcases our Editor's favourite two articles of the week and the writers spice up their take on all things social change. We call it the 'Social X Change'. LinkedIn newsletter, sign up here



'Thred Media's ability to bring together best-in-class young thought leaders and create actionable ideas and insights is unparalleled.' 

Harry Beard,
Founder, Prospect 100


Sponsored Posts Across Multiple Platforms.

We are happy to help spread the word about upcoming events, the launch of new products, social change-focused projects etc...if it's positive, we're here for it. We are happy to help create images, illustrations, videos, doodle art and animation to accompany your announcement.


Our writers are also happy to assist with copywriting, to ensure we engage our Gen Z audience.  We can even help you choose a platform that best suits your goals, content type and audience type.  Check out @thredmag across all social media. 

'We believe the idea of forming group conversations around the things and people you love, ages up very well. Over time, if we do things right, there can be a lot of different demographics on our app because you're not scrolling through IRL alone, you're with your communities, discussing the things you care about, doing things together with people you care about, and that's each user's unique, and we hope amazing, experience with IRL.'
Jason Kirk, CBO, IRL App
Speaking to Thred Media

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