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Every award, every mention and every press article helps to raise awareness and bring attention to our mission, our projects and our very passionate community, thank you.

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.




Thred team members: Gemma, Jessica and Jamie

'Thred Media has been a fantastic insights partner for our adaptive and organic approach to innovative solutions, especially through our workshop structure. They are resourceful, always providing insight at any opportunity and are made up of a network of like-minded and evolving Gen Z community.' 

Pierre-Olivier, Creative Partnership Manager, Jovoto

We are very fortunate to have been recognised for our work by some of the most accredited organisations in our industry. Each one has meant the world to our team and we are incredibly thankful for the attention they bring to our journey. Links to awards can be found here.

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Digiday Future Leader Award, Publishing, US
Digiday Greater Good Award, US 

Media Week- Campaign Magazine 30 Under 30 Winner
Webby's Anthem Award, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, US

Bold Award IV- Crowd Sourcing/H-Farm, Young Achiever
Vodafone Small Business Award Winner, UK

Digital Leaders 100, Young Entrepreneurship, UK

Great British Entrepreneur Award, Young Entrep, UK

Vida Next Gen Media Company, UK

Start-Up Awards, National Series, UK

The Conversationalist Unifyer Award, US

Growing Business Awards, National Series, UK

Progress 100 Science & Technology Award, UK


Professional Publisher Award PPA 30 Under 30 Amazon AWS Activate Award, UKInternational Davey Award, US

PMI Future 50 Leaders Award, US

TechRound 29 under 29 Award, US

Tech London 25 under 25 Entrepreneurs, UK

Future Minds Network 25 Under 25 Award, AU

Top 20 Entrep Awards, Start-Up Mag, UK

W3 Award, best teen website x2, US

W3 Award, best event website x2, US

The Diana Award, Honour Roll, UK

The British Citizen Youth Award, BCyA
Rise Foundation, Schmidt Futures Finalist, US

RSA- Royal Society of Arts Fellowship


press &


Thred team members: Jenk, Charlie, Jamie, Sofia, Imogen

'Jenk and the Thred team have been amazing partners for Google by helping us bring youth insights to our team. We have appreciated all he has done to help us more deeply understand Gen Z.'

Erin Muntzert, Google Research Lead Innovation & Strategy

Building awareness about Thred Media and our work allows us to inspire and impact a greater number of young people, companies and brands, bringing us one step closer to change at scale. The press has played a pivotal role in helping us get the word out more than 300+ times in 20+ languages. We are very grateful for their continued support. Links for most articles can be found here.

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Insider (white)_edited.png
Oracle (white)_edited_edited_edited_edit
Business-Leader (white)_edited_edited_ed
influence (white)_edited.png
enterprise (white)_edited_edited.png


The Daily Mail

Media Week
Financial Post

Business Daily

Real Business

Business Leader

Vodafone Business

Oracle For Start-Ups

London Business School

Great British Entrepreneur


The Times

Campaign UK

The Telegraph

Talking Influence

Enterprise Nation

Evening Standard

Crunchbase News

Just Entrepreneurs

Start Your Business

BBC News CEO Secrets

Zaker, Japan

T13 News, Chili

Vanity Fair, Italy

Hurriyet, Turkey

SF Ingenieria, Peru

Yan News, Vietnam

Girabsas, Argentina

Folha De S.Paulo, Brazil

Mundo Hispanico, Spain

Samert CSO EMEA, Dubai

Publications & Reports.
We have been very lucky to work with several agencies, research houses and organizations that support our Gen Z insights. We hope to build more global research partnerships that allow us to inspire and impact youth-led communities around the world. Links to all reports can be found here.


For Gen Z, Brand Is what you share, not what you sell, Ogilvy Read

Gen Z, Putting Community Building Into Practice, Ogilvy Read

Who are Zillenials?, Canvas8 Read

What's Driving Gen Z's Stick Shift Renaissance? Read
Visual Trends Report 2023, Talenthouse Read
The New News Media, Stylus Read

Generational Snapshot of Gen Z, Canvas8 Read

Opt-In Opt-Out, Expert Outlook  2022, Canvas8 Read

Gen Z & Entertainment, Vivendi

Who is Gen Z, Engage Youth Company Agency

The Gen Z Frequency, Gregg Witt & Derek Baird, Kogan Books

Youth Led Agenda For Responsible Tech, Artefact & Omidyar Network Read

'We believe it’s better, and more sustainable, to cultivate meaningful communities by giving everybody a voice and sense of belonging through the power of building durable communities online and in the real world. Through our platform, we’re confident we can give everybody a voice, change the social paradigm, and ultimately make social communication more meaningful.'

Abrahim Shafi, Founder & CEO, IRL App

Speaking Exclusively to Thred Media

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