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We are always on the lookout for incredibly passionate people who want to work in the media business. We would love to hear about you, your passions and your journey to date.

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.

Our Company

At Thred Media, we pride ourselves on our culture, our creativity and our collaborative work ethic. We believe to do great work and build a nurturing environment, it takes a diverse community of like-minded people contributing positively each and every day. Thred is a community of dedicated people who support each other and work together to effect positive change and bring out the best in everyone, one person at a time.

Our Values

Social responsibility, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Authenticity, transparency, community and kindness.

Education, inspiration, thought provocation and idea generation.
Empowerment, leadership, positive disruption and forward-thinking.

Our Culture

No time to waste, stand up and be heard on day one. Our company is built on original ideas and we need a whole lot of good ones every day in order to keep our clients happy. We have a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed and get our voices heard.

Our Mission

Thred Media

Build a media company that is dedicated to understanding, employing and developing Generation Z. A place where they have the opportunity to create work that reflects their passion, purpose and true life experiences.


Create a digital space dedicated to young people that is shaped by youth culture and powered by social change. A place where young people can share the latest trending topics while engaging in dialogue about the issues that are relevant and important to our generation.

Our Opportunities

We are looking to hire amazing people to help us grow this year. If you think you would be a great fit for one of the job titles below (or anywhere at Thred Media), email us a Cover Letter outlining the role you are applying for, why you're a suitable candidate for the position and your CV to We look forward to learning all about you and your life passions!

Gen Z Remote Writers - All geographies & social change specialisations
Experienced Data Analyst - Publishing & Consulting business

Experienced Account Managers & Executives - Client coverage

Experienced Social Media Manager & Strategist - Including media buying

Experienced Advertising Account Executive - Marketing our opportunities


'Being a Discord Moderator at Thred Media is such an honour for me. I get

to meet incredible people from across the world and discuss all things

related to social change in a fun way. We have such a tight-knit

community and we are always there for one another.'
Maria Florensia Chandra, Indonesia,
Thred Media Discord Moderator

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