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Building a global community of like-minded young people and shining a light on their journeys with the hope of empowering others to imagine their own path forward.

Shaped by Youth Culture. 
Powered by Social Change.

Our community of global change makers come from 220+ countries and territories around the world.
Our goal is to
build out a community of like-minded young people that can network together to bring about all forms of positive change. Our job is to shine a light on their stories and successes with other communities so they can see a path forward for ‘change’ with the help of real-time examples.

We have five communities that we draw inspiration from every day

Our Website Readers

Our Social Media and Discord Communities
Our Newsletter Subscribers

Our Change Maker Network, CMN 

Our Change Maker Directory, CMD

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'I love working with Thred. They have positive energy and a great vibe, but they’re also genuinely committed to empowering Gen Z in the realms of activism, entrepreneurship, and business. I wish more Universities and employers shared the same attitude as Thred.'

Dan Kiernan, Head of Careers, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

website &


Website Readers & Newsletters Subscribers.

The site is available in 17 languages and the website articles are read 340,000+ times per month by young people from 220+ countries & territories. Countries in our top ten readership locations include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India but we are always pleasantly surprised and incredibly proud to welcome readers from Nepal, Somalia, Fiji, Gabon, Palau and French Guiana. Our articles are also available on Medium (Top Voice in Climate & Social Change), Flipboard, Apple News and Google News. 


We also publish two newsletters a week, one from the Thred website and one from LinkedIn.

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'I signed up for Thred because I believe that sharing information is powerful and changes the way we see our world. I want to bring awareness to the lack of funding for public schools in Peru, which has led to an education gap based on privilege and a lack of access to further education.'
Dallana Sanchez, Peru

Thred Ambassador




Omnipresent & Cross Platform.

Thred Media can be found on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Flipboard, YouTube, Spotify (Best New Drops of The Week), SoundCloud  (Thred House Mixes) and on our private Discord server, 'Social X Change'.


We have over 200,000+ followers across our social media platforms and 100% social change-focused content aimed at Gen Z drops daily across every one of them. Look out for 'Inspo of the Week', 'Positive News' and 'Highlights of the Week', a whole lot of impact packed into every post.


'I've never felt more heard, seen, and understood as I have in the past year since becoming an Ambassador for Thred Media. If you have the drive to make your ideas a reality, people at Thred will open the window to opportunity.'

Jay Borja, Philippines

Thred Ambassador



Change Maker Network & Directory.

At Thred, we have both a 'Change Maker Network' (CMN) and a 'Change Maker Directory' (CMD). The CMN is an extension of the Thred team, they are a collection of our global Gen Z ambassadors, champions, discord moderators, remote writers and change-makers who are on the ground driving forward social change in their local areas.

Join our Change Maker Network and Directory Here

Join our Discord Channel  'Social X Change' Here

The CMD is a global directory of expert Gen Z activists, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, musicians and cultural opinion leaders making waves around the world. 


We give you access to both our CMN and CMD to enable us to find just the right Gen Zers to co-create, survey, product test, interview and more. They are here to be a part of the process, move the conversation forward and turn up the social dial.

'Nowadays, digital spaces like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are being used to develop our ‘civic identities'. To express our political views in creative ways. The key difference between

Gen Z’s civic engagement and older, traditional forms, is an easy entry point.  

Today, anyone can make super scalable content. 


We’re able to adopt an approach to civic engagement that blends both digital and real-life actions.

We think of it as our Digital Citizenship. Fundamentally different from the traditional media of television, newspapers and films; social media allows us what is called ‘participatory culture’. In other words, it

allows us to choose what we engage with and shape our own ideas based on our experiences. 


We've become the curators of what is important, rather than any one editor or company – and that’s

a big shift. These symbolic digital ‘participatory’ acts can be thought of as moments of claiming our

‘voice’. Though on the surface acts of ‘voice’ may seem trivial and disconnected, these acts are

the foundation of our digital civic engagement.'

Jenk Oz, Founder, Thred Media, TEDx Talk, 2021

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